Monday, 4 January 2016

real estate market report for 2015 in nanaimo

According to latest statistic report issued by VIREB(Vancouver Island Real Estate Board), the single family houses reported sold for the whole 2015 are 1425 in Nanaimo, last year the figure was 1230, increased by 16%. The average sell price per unit is $391,313, while last year was $370,760, with 6% increase. The apartments reported sold for 2015 are 280 units, increased by 27% to last year. The average sell price per unit is $222,157, with 3% increase to last year. The townhouse reported sold for 2015 are 207 units, with average sell price is $257,393, drop down by 1% compared to last year.

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Why you need a Mandarin speaking Realtor to sell your house?

With the overwhelming volume Chinese people coming to reside in Nanaimo in recent two years,  lot of local people are considering selling their houses to move to further north of Vancouver Island or downsizing their big houses to a small townhouse or apartment. When they sell, they are looking for some Chinese realtor who can speak both Mandarin and English, they think this way they can sell quicker.

That's right! When you are considering selling your house, try to contact a Chinese realtor in town. I am one of these 6 Chinese realtors in Nanaimo.  Let me introduce myself first.

I was born in in Tianjin, northern part of China, a municipality city 100km away from Beijing. I graduated from one of the best universities in China-Peking university with master degree in Psychology. I immigrated in Canada in 2010 after working 15 years in the real estate field in Beijing, capital city of China. The experience working as the sales Director and Chief Editor in the leading internet portal in China gained me expertise in Real Estate Marketing, financial analysis and high quality of customer service. 

Before I worked as a realtor, I was a tax professional working for H&R Block. Each year during the tax season, I helped hundreds of canadians to file their tax returns. I also helped a lot of new immigrants to deal with their tax returns and report their world income statement. It was easy for me to have happy clients after my hard work with tax money saved for my clients.

In addition to speaking fluent English, I have other good qualities:

1. I work hard. My cell phone is open 24/7. you can always find me.
2. I am organized. Never miss one appointment and always on time.
3. I sold 32 houses in 2015 (including buying and selling)
4. I have good negotiation skill (psychology background helps)

As always, I will use all my effort to help you sell your property. Also I will help you find your dream house with ease and enjoyment.

Call me 250-797-9382 or send me an email to: if you have any questions regarding buying or selling house. I am your local reliable realtor.

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